Steps to become more of a morning person

Hacks to live by!

We all dread getting out of our warm cocoons, our beds, to take the day on. Whether you’re an ‘Alarm Snoozer’, ‘Instagram scroller’ or an ‘outright moaner’, waking up and leaving the comfort of our bed can be a struggle. So as you pull yourself out of bed and get ready to start your day, it may be worth establishing a morning routine so that your day can start a little more smoother, right? Remember, the sooner you incorporate these hacks, the more you’ll appreciate and look forward to rising and shining rather than dread waking up.

Starting your day off right can ensure you’re in the best mood to fulfil all your duties of the day, not only being productive but also becoming positive and intentional with your actions.

So, what are the benefits of instilling a morning routine and becoming a morning person:

  • Feeling in control
  • Becoming more productive and adapting a prosperous and healthy mindset
  • Ability to plan
  • Becoming more purposeful with each task

To help you achieve a great new morning routine, here are some easy hacks you can incorporate to become more of a morning person:

  • Start your morning the night before: write a to-dos list of all the things you need to do and like to achieve for the day ahead. Not only does this help with productivity, but it also helps you to prepare for the day. Preparation brings forth GREATNESS!
  • Simpler to the first point, start your morning the night before: by laying out your outfit and prep breakfast for the morning (do this for your children as well if you’re a mother). It eliminates you rushing in the morning when looking for the perfect outfit.
  • Leave anything you’re worried you’ll forget by the front door. Handy when you have something important coming up
  • Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than you need to wake up to give yourself time to enjoy a few moments of solitude, meditate or express gratitude.
  • Set a bottle of water beside your bed to drink before you drift off to sleep and once you wake up, feel refreshed and hydrated.
  • Use music to wake you up. Playing one of your favourite songs won’t put you in a bad mood, right?
  • I’ve said this before, and ill say this again: stretch. Stretch. STRETCH. It wakes the body and the mind up.
  • Avoid using your phone when waking up. It’s best to buy an actual alarm clock to wake you up.

 Adapting your morning routine can be the simplest and most underrated thing to do, but it’s often overlooked by mornings being a high-stressed time for you and your family to get up and get ready for your day. Introducing these small but effective hacks will enable you to become more in control of your mornings so that you can be productive and great!

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