Level up: How do I get there?

If you’re reading this post then I know you’re interested in leveling up your life, or at least interested to see what I got to say! Many of you reading this would be familiar with the term ‘level up’ but for those who aren’t, it’s also another way of saying ‘re-invent yourself’ or ‘upgrade yourContinue reading “Level up: How do I get there?”

Millennial Monday: Goal Setting

MIllennial Monday is all about tips and tricks on how you can set yourself up for a productive week. Here at Millennial Femme, we are all about our personal development and finding ways to being the best version of yourself. This week the focus is on goal setting. Goal setting can be one of theContinue reading “Millennial Monday: Goal Setting”

5 ways to stay positive and occupied during COVID lock-down

So we’ve been in lockdown for about 2 months now and everyone has now reached a point of exhaustion of staying at home. Many of us have ran out of ideas on how to occupy our time and take our minds off this nightmare around us. I have come up with 5 ways you canContinue reading “5 ways to stay positive and occupied during COVID lock-down”

Let it go: Seeking validation from others

‘Finding oneself whilst seeking approval from others means the murder of oneself’ – Unknown Validate: to recognise or affirm the validity or worth of (a person or their feelings or opinions); cause (a person) to feel valued or worthwhile. Many of us are susceptible to seeking validation externally more than we seek it internally, mostContinue reading “Let it go: Seeking validation from others”

Self-doubt: How I deal with it

‘Our doubts are traitors,and make us lose the good we oft might win,by fearing to attempt’ – William Shakespeare Let’s talk about our good old friend. The friend that can leave you feeling unworthy, doubting yourself and place barriers in your life. The friend that you know holds you back but you still invite aroundContinue reading “Self-doubt: How I deal with it”

New Year New Me? An awkward first blog post

I’ve always imagined my first blog post to be one that was really moving and inspiring, one that caught everyone’s attention and brought an instant buzz to social media. I got so carried away with the idea of how this success felt that I never made it a reality. Well here I am making itContinue reading “New Year New Me? An awkward first blog post”