New Year, New Gear

Well 2020 went out with a bang, and with it a wave goodbye to any plans of returning to our pre-pandemic wardrobes. From oversized sweats and jogger sets, to chunky knit co-ords. Living our best lockdown life in our loungewear continues. Staying in staples we once saved for the weekend, are now acceptable as ourContinue reading “New Year, New Gear”

Confessions of the unrepresented ‘nude’ colours

To whoever needs to hear this, nude isn’t just one colour! We all know that nude is not just one colour, well at least I hope everyone does. Previously, the colour nude was only referred to the skin colour of Caucasians and let’s be honest; even they come in different shades. The colour ‘nude’ wasContinue reading “Confessions of the unrepresented ‘nude’ colours”

5 reasons why you should try press-on nails

Who doesn’t love a good acrylic or gel nail? A good manicure will make you feel more confident and ready to show people you’re not playing around, or is that just me? Some long nails with a nice colour will make you feel amazing. But we all know acrylic nails can be damaging to yourContinue reading “5 reasons why you should try press-on nails”

From IT to Fashion – Starting clothing brand with no experience

Like many women I love and adore fashion, but I never dreamed of working in fashion or starting a business in the industry. I have a background in Computer Science but always felt I had more of a creative side and just couldn’t muster the same passion for IT. I do like working in IT,Continue reading “From IT to Fashion – Starting clothing brand with no experience”