Don’t lose yourself whilst searching for the one

Going from dates to dates and still no luck? I remember talking to friends about not meeting someone or each time they turn out to be waste men or to politely put it F Boys! I’ve been on a few first dates and lot of stories to share which needs its own blog in itself.Continue reading “Don’t lose yourself whilst searching for the one”

From IT to Fashion – Starting clothing brand with no experience

Like many women I love and adore fashion, but I never dreamed of working in fashion or starting a business in the industry. I have a background in Computer Science but always felt I had more of a creative side and just couldn’t muster the same passion for IT. I do like working in IT,Continue reading “From IT to Fashion – Starting clothing brand with no experience”

GUEST POST: My Social Purpose by Jessi’Nyota

When you go through life so set on Plan A, dismissing that you’ll ever need a plan B or C, it can be disheartening when Plan A does not live up to your expectations. I’ve always loved working with children and deemed a career in teaching to be the perfect fit. I did start toContinue reading “GUEST POST: My Social Purpose by Jessi’Nyota”

Guest Post: My Sweet Home Life

My name is Tracy and I am the founder of @mysweethomelife_ a blog platform that I document my journey of being a young woman living in her parents’ house turning my room into my sanctuary, whilst preparing myself for my own first home. I started this journey in April, so I am still quite fairlyContinue reading “Guest Post: My Sweet Home Life”