Black Love – Celeb’ edition

UK Black History Month is almost over, and I feel compelled to give you a countdown of black couples I respect. Normally I think blind admiration of other couples is problematic as the idolisation of couples who only present mono-faceted depictions of love, generates unrealistic expectations of a relationship. Unfortunately, due to the media’s desireContinue reading “Black Love – Celeb’ edition”

Why black health matters

2020 has really shown its ass. We have seen the worst of the worst this year: an accelerated amount of police brutality displayed throughout social media, the birth of public terrorists called “Karens” and the notion of BME being more susceptible to die from COVID-19. All jeopardising the health and wellbeing of the black community.Continue reading “Why black health matters”

A list of black-owned makeup brands you need to try, TODAY!

In honour of Black History Month, I have written a list of black-owned makeup brands you need to try, TODAY! I can remember when I first started to wear makeup. I bought the darkest foundation colour the local drugstore had. The colour was so light that I looked sick. In those days, *starting to soundContinue reading “A list of black-owned makeup brands you need to try, TODAY!”

Dear Johanne: I think my boyfriend is a narcissist

Dear Johanne  I am in a relationship and whenever we have a disagreement, my boyfriend immediately hangs up & ignores me for a while without addressing the issue. I’ve had enough because its not fair for him to only speak on things when he is ready or for him to always expect me to reach out first. I was googlingContinue reading “Dear Johanne: I think my boyfriend is a narcissist”

2020 Life Adaptations

2020 was the year that I thought I would get my sh*t on lock. In 2019, I imagined that I would action positive changes, it was going to be the most transformative time of my life. I would have a new job that offered training, which would allow me to earn tons of money. MyContinue reading “2020 Life Adaptations”

The fight against defeat

To fight against defeat has to be our mantra when dealing with everyday life!  However, to be aware and knowledgeable on what you’re putting in your body, will ultimately defeat the nasties in the world. As the weather drops down to 12 degrees or less as winter approaches and the threats of a second waveContinue reading “The fight against defeat”


It is not only important to read African-American literature but is also important to read African literature. I have explored reading Nigerian books during lockdown and some of these are suggested below. It gave me a different insight of what it meant to be a Black female in Nigeria and the culture that comes withContinue reading “TOP 8 FEMINISIM BOOKS TO READ DURING LOCKDOWN.”

Cuffin’ season – COVID-19 Edition

Cuffing Season – the period between autumn and winter, where the weather gets colder and the single people normally content with casual relationships, look for a short-term relationship or partner to hibernate through the winter with. Winter is coming and with it, the inevitable fluctuation of hormones that triggers our intrinsic desire for affection andContinue reading “Cuffin’ season – COVID-19 Edition”

Top home decor picks for the month

Since I have moved into my own home, I have been obsessed with finding high quality affordable designer furniture pieces.  It can often cost thousands of pounds to buy luxury furniture pieces but I believe that you can have a luxury feel on a smaller budget. I tend to spend the most money on largerContinue reading “Top home decor picks for the month”