Reflections of childhood trauma

Season’s greetings to you all How’s the year been for you?  For me, this year has been a roller coaster of emotions. I have been reflecting a lot this year, especially recently on my childhood. I will keep it brief.  I attended a training on trauma informed care, a care approach that helps identify theContinue reading “Reflections of childhood trauma”

To fast or not to fast

As winter speedily approaches and Christmas is just around the corner, you may be tempted to eat until you can’t breathe and enjoy the comfort of unhealthy food. Have you considered   fasting until the festive season of over-indulgencing on a home-cooked feast? On the recommendation of natural healer Dr Sebi, fasting is an honourableContinue reading “To fast or not to fast”

My relationships with UTI

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of UTIs, and girl, did they cause me pain. From extreme discomfort during and after urination to feeling drained and exhausted most hours of the days. To me, UTIs are the most annoying condition, because it sneaks up on you, never giving you a noticeContinue reading “My relationships with UTI”


For years, discussions about the female anatomy has been overlooked and under researched, yet when conversations occur, they normally stem from an erotic nature, such as orgasms and wetness (WAP), two crucial components that enhances sex and explores women’s sexual liberations. However, no one likes to chat about the unsexy…So, let’s address IT!   Let’s tackleContinue reading “LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!”

Why black health matters

2020 has really shown its ass. We have seen the worst of the worst this year: an accelerated amount of police brutality displayed throughout social media, the birth of public terrorists called “Karens” and the notion of BME being more susceptible to die from COVID-19. All jeopardising the health and wellbeing of the black community.Continue reading “Why black health matters”

What’s wrong with Sitting?

Did you know sitting for 10 hours or more daily can lead to an early death? When I read this fact, I was left stuttering, wide eyed and unable to compute this information as I’ve been sitting for approximating 10 hours without realising. Now, on an average day (pre-lockdown), most people share the routine ofContinue reading “What’s wrong with Sitting?”

Feminine hygiene: Avoiding an unbalanced PH

Feminine Hygiene has been subject to a lot different methods over the years, from natural remedies to store bought cleansing to help avoid any forms of vaginal bacterial problems. I wanted to do this post because as women we have several different ways we keep ourselves clean. Whether it’s taught to us through culture orContinue reading “Feminine hygiene: Avoiding an unbalanced PH”